How to Solve Server Error 3210 in Hotmail Account?

Many users face an error 3210 in Hotmail account but don’t know what exactly it is. Server error 3210 means that your account is updated to a new version. So, in this case, you have to configure IMAP in place of HTTP. Well, the procedure is long but not difficult at all. Thus, if you are also facing this error, then follow the instructions given below.

  • Firstly, you have to deactivate your existing Hotmail ID as it is not going to work anymore.
  • So, sign in to your Hotmail ID and then make a right click on your account and click Properties.
  • Now, go to “General” tab and then you have to uncheck the box “Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing”.
  • Finally, apply the action and then select OK.
  • In this step, you have to set your IMAP account.
  • After setting up IMAP, you have to enter as outgoing mail server address and also set up the port number to 587.
  • Make sure that your server connection type must be SSL and will need authentication.
  • Thereafter, select Finish button and finally close the window.
  • Now, make a right click on the new account and opt for properties.
  • Select IMAP tab and tick mark the two options titles as “store special folders on IMAP servers” and check for new messages in all folders.”
  • After performing all above steps. Set the following paths correctly as instructed below:
  • Sent items path: Sent
  • Hotmail Drafts path: Draft
  • Deleted stuff path: Deleted
  • Junk path: Junk
  • After making above settings click OK
  • Later on, you have to right click on your account and click show or hide folders.
  • Now, select the reset list choice as it is crucial so that the folder list correctly gets refreshed from the system server.

I hope the problem is solved now. Just follow the steps correctly and step-by-step then you will not face any error. If still, you have some doubt, Contact Hotmail Support UK for instant help. A user can contact us for recovering the password, recovering the hacked account or some related problem with Hotmail. Our technicians are always ready for helping their customers and never let them wait for their turn.


How To Check Whether Your Yahoo Is Down?

Yahoo or Yahoo! mail is a web-based email service. It started its journey in 1997 and since then, they have garnered lots of recognition and users who are loyal to their service. As the company enjoys above 281 million users, therefore, in case of any trouble in the service a lot of chaos occurs amongst people. One of the most frequently observed problems is when the site goes down.

Many of the users experience an error that will not allow them to sign into their account or won’t even open the sign in page. Generally, you can readily resolve this issue with some simple troubleshooting as suggested Yahoo Support. There are several common reasons why a website may be down, we will tell you why the problem occurs and how to resolve:

Check if it is just you or everyone: There are plenty of websites which lets you check if your site is down everywhere or only if your computer is unable to view it.

Solution: If, it is just you, check if new DNS has been updated in your location. Also, many of the times, proxy websites allow you to bypass network issues and view the site from a different location. If the proxy sites loads your website and confirms the site is resolving online. Try clearing your cache and flushing DNS.

Suspended notice: If your email account shows a large red “SUSPENDED” notice, it is due to non payment. Check your account, log in to your panel.

Solutions: it is an easy fixture, where you have to complete the payment process. Go to fix, click the Make Payment button and pay the designated amount to re-enable your account. After the payment process, your DNS will propagate again online and the issue will be resolved.

While Yahoo goes down, this becomes really troublesome, especially for those who only use a single email service. Though the problem is very stressful but if the service falters in any way where you live, it will not tamper with your mails. In case you still have issues after going through the above mentioned process, our Yahoo Support Contact Number 0800-046-5200 will assist you. Our team will provide you smooth assistance with the help of our computer specialist.