Are You Not Getting Emails On Your Hotmail Account?

Looking for your important emails and is surprised at not receiving emails till now? If someone sends a message you should get them in very short period of time if, you are not getting them it may create a hindrance in your work progress or a great opportunity may miss.

This blog helps in receiving your emails on time and provides steps to avoid this type of issues in future. Hotmail has come up with a service several year’s back that is Hotmail Support for its users. This service provides you best possible solutions regarding your problems.

Firstly, Log in to your Hotmail account using the correct credentials now; ensure filtering of your inbox and check sort setting for that follow these easy steps:

Go to Filter, for filtering and then go to All.
Go to Filter, for sorting and then go to Sort by.
Select Date for checking recent messages and then select “From” to see messages from a specific sender or vice-versa according to the need.

It can happen that your emails are shifted to junk folder or spam so can also check that section.

In your account’s folder list, select the Spam Email folder or Junk Email folder to search for the missing email.
If you come across any email that should not have been gone to this, give a right click to that every single email and then select Mark as not junk. Those messages will move to inbox automatically.

There can be few possible ways to deal with this issue, to know them you can dial Hotmail support number and get your issues resolved in just a few steps. The team will provide you the best solutions which are easily understandable and resolved clearly. Information provided to you is given by the highly experienced technicians. So do not hesitate and give call for not letting your work stop.

How To Enable or Disable An Account Recovery Process in Ymail?

Do you want to make your account more secure by adding a recovery method if in case you lose access to it? , Are you unable to access your ID? Have you forgotten the password or are you inactive for last 12 months? Your account will be deleted automatically if you have used it for long and hoping to get back to it. We would like to inform you that you won’t be able to recover if you were not active or some malicious activities were noticed while login.

Yahoo Support informs you that if do not have a backup contact number or email address you can never get back to it. You are allowed to add around 10 email addresses. The team suggests every user add these details for recovery process because you never know what happens next! Your account might hack or you yourself forget the password.

Attempt this process to make it secure:

To enable On Web browser:

After logging in, go to Ymail Account security page.
Now give a click to Phone numbers or Email Addresses.
Next, includes a click on “Add recovery phone number” or “Add recovery email address”.
Lastly do whatever the prompted screen asks: type and verify the new information.

If you wish to remove this method you can disable it but it is always good to secure your account with this process to avoid any problem or before gets locked without your awareness.

To disable On Web browser:

Same like above steps, sign in and browse the security page.
Tap email address and phone numbers.
Press Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number.
Attempt this last step by clicking Deleting icon by the contact that is not wanted.

You have learned to add or remove recovery procedure. It is always better to keep it enabled, if you came across any problem in sign in you’ll be able to get back to your account because of linking it to contact number or email address. Dial Ymail Customer Care number UK 0800-046-5262 for any help regarding this blog or any other issue for your Ymail account. You’ll be guided with the most suitable method and satisfactory answers.